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忙不?�來 忙不过来 [mang2 bu4 guo4 lai2] /to own much more function than one can manage/to own a single's fingers entire/ keV Power, a method often known as Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just 5% of fusible hydrogen, it might suffice to elucidate how stars got their Strength. (We now know that the majority of 'regular' stars comprise far more than five% hydrogen)|As an Electricity source, the process is the sole fusion electric power technique that may be shown to operate utilizing current technological know-how. On the other hand it will also require a massive, continuous provide of nuclear bombs, creating the economics of this type of program rather questionable.|Study into building managed thermonuclear fusion for civil needs began in earnest within the 1950s, and it proceeds to today.|The one other recognized plausible source of Strength was conversion of make any difference to energy; Einstein had proven some several years previously that a little degree of matter was similar to a large amount of Vitality.|履約 履约 website [lu:three yue1] /to maintain an assure/to maintain an appointment/to honor an agreement/to practice economic system/}

幕後?�縱 幕后?�纵 [mu4 hou4 cao1 zong4] /to govern from driving the scenes/to pull the strings/

?�式濃縮?�啡 ?�式浓缩?�啡 [yi4 click here shi4 nong2 suo1 ka1 fei1] /espresso/Italian here type solid espresso/

�?妾滅�?宠妾??�� [chong3 qie4 mie4 website qi1] /favor the concubine and cast get more info off the wife (idiom)/spoil a single's mistress and neglect one particular's wife/

?�性疾???�性疾??[man4 xing4 ji2 bing4] /a Long-term ailment/a condition that requires effect slowly but surely/

?�嘴 ?�嘴 [da3 zui3] /to slap sb's experience/to slap one's possess encounter/fig. to are unsuccessful to Reside as many as a boast/

張冠?�戴 张冠?�戴 [Zhang1 guan1 Li3 dai4] /lit. To place Zhang's hat on Li's head/to attribute sth to the incorrect individual (idiom)/to confuse one thing with A different/

座無?�席 座无?�席 [zuo4 wu2 xu1 xi2] /lit. a banquet with no vacant seats/total dwelling/capability group/standing space only/

�??�民??官逼民??[guan1 bi1 min2 fan3] /a government Formal drives the people to revolt (idiom): a minister provokes a rebellion by exploiting the men and women/}

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